Our Company and Team

About CRAS Systems

CRAS Systems started in 2013 and is today an international, growing and innovative security technology company. We develop and market our CRAS 24/7 cloud service which improves  the overall security of people, communities and assets.

CRAS 24/7 checks the health of ip security edge devices like ip surveillance cameras and video encoders. It helps you to avoid loosing valuable data and video evidence because of camera and security system failure.

CRAS offices are in The Germany and Slovenia. We work with users in many Countries and a growing ecosystem of business partners, sales and local representatives.

For End-Users CRAS 24/7 solves an immediate need by making sure that valuable video and surveillance data will not be lost.

Enterprise partners can rapidly deploy our service allowing them to improve client satisfaction, develop new business and returning income.

Our CRAS 24/7 cloud service is used at various locations worldwide. At major corporations, pharma plants, ports, retailers and restaurants.

CRAS 24/7 sets the standard in monitoring and managing the health of (IP) video security, surveillance and access control edge devices like surveillance camera’s and video encoders.