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Knowing the state of your (IP) Video Security and Surveillance system is important. CRAS 24/7 helps you to avoid loosing valuable data and video evidence because of camera and security system failure.

Identify issues quickly, reduce downtime and protect your investement in people and assets. Receive notifications of critical security system errors and camera issues via E-Mail or SMS. Save your company time and resources.

When Surveillance Camera’s Crash. Are you sure your video security or surveillance system is working correctly? Get notified via e-mail and SMS when your (IP) surveillance camera’s crash or when your security system face vital network problems.

Key Insights. CRAS 24/7 provides key insights into the health and status of your video and surveillance security systems and devices like IP Camera’s and Video Encoders.

No On-Site Engineers. CRAS 24/7 is easy to start with and secure. You do not have to invest in new hardware, on-site engineers or software updates.

Pay as you go. CRAS 24/7 is a cloud service with a pay as you go pricing and licensing model, so no surprises. No long term contracts. CRAS 24/7 is both affordable and easy scalable.

Ask your Security Installer or Integrator if they offer CRAS? 

Need Advice?

When you own a (IP) video security or surveillance systems and you want to ensure your camera’s are up and running, and recorded. Let us know!

Describe the security system you own, look at brand names on the equipment, and we help you to see if you can benefit from CRAS.

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